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Hydroponic (soilless) cultivation of plants is currently gaining more and more popularity.

The main factors, driving the growth of the soilless crop market, are the increasing demand for food due to the ever-growing world population and, at the same time, the increasing need to minimize the import of fresh products. The persistent shortage of arable land in urban and suburban areas also plays a significant role.

Year by year, there is a growing number of government initiatives around the world promoting the adoption of smart farming practices.

Advantages of soilless cultivation compared to conventional types of cultivation:

  • significantly lower water consumption (especially important in areas where there is frequent water shortage)
  • minimizing weather conditions and climate change
  • much higher crop efficiency
  • better plant quality (roots absorb more oxygen)
  • possibility of greater automation of the cultivation process (control of soil moisture and acidity, degree of fertilization, etc.)
  • prolonged growing season
  • repeated harvesting throughout the year
  • installation possible even in city centers
  • elimination of the need to use pesticides

Hydroponic cultivation requires the use of appropriate techniques that use containers or specially designed and extruded plastic benches with channels to allow the plants to stay suspended in water.

Our company, using 30 years of experience in extrusion and co-extrusion of plastic profiles, and thanks to the continuous development of applied technologies, implements projects in the field of hydroponics for individual orders.

Extruded PVC profiles for soilless (hydroponic) cultivation produced by Thermoplast have a number of advantages:

  • profiles for hydroponics are extruded from PVC Thermoblend blend specially developed by Thermoplast, which meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the field of approval for contact with food.
  • profiles are characterized by perfect dimensional repeatability, high strength, stiffness, resistance to UV radiation and nutrient components.
  • profiles can be stamped (imprint) according to customer's request
  • profiles can have holes of various diameters at different intervals - this allows the cultivation of many species of plants in accordance with the recipient's needs
  • smooth surface of the profiles reduces the deposition of dirt and enables easier cleaning

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