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We specialize in extrusion and co-extrusion of technical plastic profiles.

All production processes at Thermoplast are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Their quality is controlled by specialists of our modern laboratory throughout the entire production process.

Specialists from the quality control department monitor the quality of raw materials used for the production of profiles. Also, basic functional dimensions of the product determining the functioning of the profiles are controlled. All parameters of a final product are checked, too.

Our control capabilities in the field of production quality are based not only on the knowledge and experience of laboratory employees, but also on modern devices that increase the testing capabilities of mechanical and electrical properties, and material color compatibility.

Engineers and technologists from the R&D Department develop optimal solutions
A specialized machine at Thermoplast used for strength testing.

The laboratory uses a Brabender Plastograph – EC Type, which allows quick verification of materials in terms of their processability and rheological characteristics, using a small amount of raw material. The device is used in the development of compounds, testing new raw materials, production of samples on a laboratory scale, quality control of current production as well as quality control of supplied raw materials.

Plastometer – type REO 100, is used for ongoing quality control of the supply of polymer materials, and for tests of re-granulates in terms of assessing potential use in production.

The equipment also includes a Zwick Roell 5kN Proline, strength testing machine needed for static mechanical tests at low loads. It is used for tensile, compression and bending test

Rockwell hardness tester – XHDC 150 is used to test the hardness of plastics based on the ball method in HRE, HRL, HRM, HRR measuring scales.

Our laboratory also has a meter for electrical measurements – Metriso 2000, measuring surface, capacitance and grounding resistance under certain conditions of humidity and temperature.

The spectrophotometer for color measuring – SP64, allows quick and precise measurement of colors. SP64 works with Color Master quality control software coupled with the formulation system. The program determines the degree of compliance with the requirements and allows archiving of measurement data.


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